Our Gear

We're often asked what we use to film our vlogs, what kitchen equipment we have and what we recommend having on board for pets. So we've curated a list of all the important stuff :)


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We have only listed items that we use and think are brilliant!

Parked setup



We recently upgraded to these Yellowstone chairs. We sat in everyone elses chairs at the Overlander show, and these ones were perfect for us so we bought some!

They fold up fairly small, are lightweight, and most importantly, they give good support to our backs.


Cup/phone holder


Since Juan weed all over Dom's phone when it was lying on the ground by his chair, we decided these would be very handy :)

They clip onto the side of our chairs and hold a variety of drinks (even a mug of coffee!) plus a phone.




We also recently retired our old firepit in favour of this one.

It has lots of space to barbeque on and can be used as a fire pit too.

We love that it folds down so small, and stores away in a bag keeping the van clean and tidy.




A folding table! It's aluminium so it's super lightweight and it packs up really small into a little bag.


Shower Curtain

shower curtain.jpg

We can shower outside in privacy by using magnets to hold this curtain onto our open back doors!



Duvet covers


We do love to be colourful, so when we needed a new duvet cover (our last one was 15 years old and falling apart!) we chose these.

They are really soft, wash well, zip up (hooray for no buttons or poppers!)

Rosie has Bohemian 6 and we have Bohemian 2


Cushion quilt


Rosie is a big comfort lover. Cushions and blankets are a big feature in her bed nook... So she was really excited to find this - a cactus cushion that unzips to become a blanket!


Cushion covers

cushion covers.jpg

Gorgeous cushion covers made from recycled saris!


Vlogging Gear



We have two of these laptops for work, video editing and Rosie's gaming :)




DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo - Drone Quadcopter

We use this drone to get aerial footage for our videos. It's absolutely amazing, has loads of preset flight patterns so a complete novice can use it  straight out of the box.




Sony Vlog camera ZV-1

We use this camera all the time. It's what we shoot our videos with and take still shots too. It's really versatile, especially when you combine it with the handgrip.


Gimbal for camera


We use this gimbal to film smooth pans and action shots.

It works with both our camera (above) and our smartphones!


Backpack for drone and camera


We store all our drone and camera gear in this bag. It keeps it safe from knocks or accidental damage, and keeps it all together.

If we're going out for a day trip or hike, we can wear the backpack and have everything we need for vlogging the trip.


CB Radio

Untitled design.jpg

This is awesome! It lets us chat to anyone else nearby who has a CB radio. We use it to chat when we're traveling in convoy :)


CB Radio aerial


If you're getting a CB radio, you'll need an aerial too!


Electrical Gear



Victron Energy MultiPlus 12/800/35-16 230V VE.Bus

We actually have the 12/500 but would rather have the more powerful 800 model!

This is an inverter, giving you 230V electricity so you can use items with standard household plugs. We use it for a food processor, our laptop chargers and hoover charger.

It is also a charger, so when we plug in to shore power at a campsite, it charges our batteries.

Make sure you check your spec before purchasing!


Remote switch for inverter

multi control.jpg

If your inverter is installed in a hard to reach area of your van, you'll want one of these. It's been a game changer for us :)

It's a Multi Control, and it allows you to switch your MultiPlus on to charger mode, or inverter mode, or off altogether.


B2B charger


Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A

This is our battery to battery (B2B) charger. It charges our leisure batteries while we drive, from the van's battery. It's a handy backup for cloudy days.

Make sure you check your spec before purchasing!


Solar charge controller


Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT Charge Controller 12V (150/35)

This regulates the charge coming from our solar panel to the leisure batteries.

Make sure you check your spec before purchasing!


Battery Monitor


Victron Energy BMV 712 Smart Bluetooth Integrated Battery Monitor

This allows us to see what's up with the batteries from the living area of the van, and also connects via Bluetooth so we can see what charge we're getting from the solar etc on our phones.




Maxxfan Maxxair Deluxe with Remote

We love our Maxxfan! We have it running constantly on the lowest of the 10 speeds, sucking air out of the van - drawing fresh air in through our vent at the back. This keeps the van smelling fresh and removes moist air while we sleep - a big help against condensation with 7 sleeping beings!

It can stay open while you drive and in the rain, it sucks or blows or operates as a ceiling fan while shut.


Hook up cable


25m heavy duty cable

This lets you hook up to shore power at campsites. We had a 10m one, but it really wasn't long enough at a lot of sites so we upgraded.


UK hookup adapter


If you want to hook up to shore power in the UK but you're not at a campsite, you'll likely need one of these. It's an adapter so you can use your usual hookup cable and plug into a standard house socket.


Kitchen Gear



Awesome for making cheese toasties! The two halves can be split apart and used as frying pans too. Comes with cooking tools that store inside the pan.


Omnia Stovetop Oven


We use this all the time. Rosie bakes cakes and cookies in it, we make pizza and roast potatoes and lasagne... It's a must-have if you don't have an actual oven in your van. We also highly recommend getting a silicone liner (below) because it reduces cleanup time :)


Omnia Silicone Liner


This stops food sticking to the metal of the Omnia. We use it for everything!

We actually only have the red liner, but would have bought this double pack if it had been out at the time. This means you can cook one thing, remove it in the liner, then put another right back in. Or keep one for sweet and one for savoury, as you like.


Collapsible washing up bowl


So handy! This bowl collapses flat and has a drain plug. As well as using it in our sink, we can take it outside or carry it to campsite sink facilities.

It's sturdy and lightweight and has little legs to aid draining.


Food Processor


A 400w mini food processor - perfect for our 500w inverter!

We use this a surprising amount - for making hummus and sauces, curry paste and chopping onions...



Pet Gear

Dog Bed

dog bed.jpg

Bogie sleeps on this memory foam mattress. It's really comfy, waterproof underneath, and has a removable washable cover. He loves the side bolsters too.


Water bowl

water bowl.jpg

This water bowl is ace!

It prevents spills and splashing from drippy dog chops!


Dog Dry Bag

dog bag.jpg

When the dogs get wet and muddy we zip them into this dry bag. It keeps them warm, keeps the van clean, and 20 minutes later you unzip a dry clean dog - magic!


Dog Harness

dog harness.jpg

Bogie wears this harness. It's lasted 2 years of constant use and is still going strong! We love the handle, which helps us lift him in and out of the van. We use this to clip him in to the van when we drive, if we had an accident it would be much safer for him than just a collar.


Pet seat belts

seat belts.jpg

These clip into a standard seat belt point, and the other end clips onto your pet's harness. They are adjustable, but we keep them short for safety.


Cat Backpack carrier

cat carrier.jpg

We have two of these. One stays out all the time because the cats like to sleep in it, and the other is packed down flat and stored for an emergency - like the time we broke down and needed to take all the pets out of the van. This gave them a safe place to be.

We also use it to take the cats out on walks if we're going further or faster than they can go on foot. We clip them on inside the carrier and leave the mesh door open so they can ride in comfort and look around.


Cat Litter Tray

litter tray.jpg

Our tray is underneath our drawers with a removable wooden front. The high sides and lip prevent litter going all over the floor!


Cat Scratching Mat

scatch mat.jpg

We screwed this onto a cupboard door front and Morph loves it - Leo still prefers to use the van seats...


Cool Mat

cool mat.jpg

All the cats and dogs enjoy lying on this on a hot day.  Folds up fairly small for storage.


Dog tie-out stake

dog stake.jpg

Most of the time, the dogs are clipped to the van. If we're out for the day though, we'll screw this stake into the group and clip them on with the cable.


Feliway Spray


We used this spray to help the cats settle into vanlife. We sprayed it in the cab every day before we drove, and it definitely helped.

Contains the 'feline facial' pheromone, natural pheromone a cat releases when they rub up against something to mark an area as safe and secure.


Cat Brush

cat brush.jpg

Our cats love getting groomed by us, particularly with this silicone brush. It's great for getting out all the loose hairs, with the added bonus for us of less cat hair on our pillows!


Cat Lead

cat lead.jpg

We use retractable leads for all the pets, the cats have these 5m ones.

We fully extend them then clip the lead through a carabiner that's atatched to the van when the sliding door is open. That gives us peace of mind that the cats won't leave the van when we're not looking!

We also walk the cats on these leads.


Dog Towel

dog towel.jpg

For muddy paws!



Laser Cat Toy

laser pointer.jpg

Sometimes the cats go crazy, especially when it's wet and they can't go out - so we get this laser pointer out and they chase it all over the van!