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5 Months In

Well we are 5 months in now, 5 months since we left our traditional life in our nice house in Aylesbury to become full time travellers. I've been lax on any form of posting or blogging and the time seems to have flown by since my last one, sorry! I think im enjoying the travelling just too much.

Once we longed for a 2 week adventure or the so called annual holiday now we live and work on the road. Apart from almost solid rain in the UK whilst we toured Wales and Yorkshire in August, the rest has almost been never ending sunshine and equally long beaches. I have to say the experience is in the main fantastic, liberating, and each morning we wake up somewhere new.

For those not familiar with the so called 'process', we plan an approximate route and then use in the main an app called Park 4Night. We look for wild camping stops, usually in remoter places, woodland, vineyards, windmills and of course MANY beaches,. We tend almost always to avoid towns and of course wild park ups are free. We do little to no planning we just drive when we want to and stay as long as we want too.

New friends a found and wonderful discoveries and a very slower paced lifestyle.

We met Stefan and Karin purely by chance, we arrived at a particularly remote and wonderful beach literally in the middle of nowhere. They like us run events in London and what are the chances of that! We got on so well we've met up several times spending up to a week travelling, chatting, cooking and boarding together.

All the pets are having a wonderful journey too!

For those new we travel in cycles as we return every 8 weeks or so to the UK to visit our family and then we head down through France to the South of Spain for the winter months. It takes us 5 to 8 days from Folkestone ,the Chunnel and all the way down, 5 is our quickest yet but I dont think Id like to go any quicker, doing 5 or 6 hours of driving a day then once in Spain we slow right down spending 3 or more days parked up.

Currently we are in Orgiva which has become one of our favourite places to visit.


In the fertile valley of the Guadalfeo river is the largest town of the western Alpujarras, Órgiva. At 450m, Órgiva has a milder climate than many other places in the Alpujarras and is surrounded by olive, lemon and orange groves. Órgiva has a somewhat bohemian atmosphere since it is also a magnet for those seeking an alternative lifestyle; a well-established settlement of teepees is on the outskirts of town, while at the town′s weekly market a whole variety of New Age goods are on sale. Taken from

Rosie loves the twice monthly Rastro, well worth a visit which is part car boot but mainly art handmade goods, and artist sellers, most living locally. Here Rosie sets up her own critter stall, which as World Schoolers is lovely. She spends time making her critters from shells, stones and crystals she collects, then sets up a little stall to get some travelling money.

We'll spend nearly 4 weeks in this general area as La Heradura a lovely mountain drive is only 40 minutes away and also is home to the World Schoolers Hub. So plenty of meet ups for Rosie with friends and world schooling 'classes'.

Then in mid Dec we'll start heading back upwards to be back in the UK to spend Christmas and New Year with family. Jan 5th we'll then head back down to South Spain, thankfully as we like to chase the sun whilst its cooler in the winter months its still very nice in comparison to chilly ol' England!

Andalusia average temperatures

Those Weirdos! xx

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