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5 things I hope to see at Camp Quirky 2020

We’ve just had a fantastic weekend at Camp Quirky in Northamptonshire. It was our first time there and it was a lot of fun.

Before I list off the 5 things I hope to see at Camp Quirky next year, I want to run down all the great stuff about this year’s festival.

  • The people – every single person I spoke to was super friendly. We had lots of curious people asking to hop in the Sub and telling us how beautiful it is, and we were welcomed in to so many other wonderful vans. We felt so comfortable and like we were a welcome part of the community, which was lovely.

  • The variety of talks and workshops – I only made it to two of the 8 I had on my list as there was just so much on! We were spoilt for choice whether you were just about to build your van or had been living in it for years, there were so many useful and interesting things to learn about.

  • Children being made so very welcome – this was really wonderful, there were things to do all day long like playing in the sandpit or with bubbles, the activities in the Bongo tent, the arts and crafts… But I think the best thing was the feeling that children were just as important to the festival as the adults. Rosie joined in an epic battle of the straw bales with several other kids and not only were they not told off, they weren’t even asked to stop! It was like ‘You have your fun, that’s cool. Blow off steam and make this festival your own’. I was impressed!

  • Being entirely solar powered with composting toilets and straw straws at the bar, this was a very green festival, and that makes me so happy!

  • Lots of vegan food options – the wraps at Wrapture were amazing, so fresh and healthy and tasty, I wish I could eat one every day for a month! Other options were pizza, loaded chilli fries, sorbet at the ice cream van, and Thai food.

  • It felt very well run. There were lots of stewards upon arrival and all around the festival. They said hello and asked if all was well, and seemed to be always friendly and smiley. There were plenty of bins around with recycling options, and the site was spotless from start to finish. There was enough space in the arena that it felt comfortable even when busy. There were lots of stall options, so if you weren’t in the mood for a workshop in one of the 3 tents, or listening to music, or visiting vans, or standing around the communal fire, you could browse a wide variety of interesting shops. We came home with crystals, an airplant jellyfish, a succulent, a soap sponge, a magazine rack for the van, 2 brass wine goblets, a boho picnic rug, and hippy trousers for Rosie!

So! On to the 5 things I would love to see at Camp Quirky next year:

  1. A general store. This might sell basic foods like bread, crisps, milk, biscuits, marshmallows etc; firewood, coal, matches and firelighters; maybe tobacco products. This could be combined with the Camp Quirky merch stall perhaps.

  2. Dog water bowls in the arena. It was so nice that dogs were welcome, Bogie had a fantastic time and of course we carried water around for him, but it would be a lovely touch to have water available in the arena.

  3. A food stall that serves everyday food – like sandwiches, salad boxes, breakfast foods (a fry up would have been heaven on Sunday morning!), soup or pasta perhaps.

  4. A map of the site on the programme so you can locate the showers, water points, nearest toilets, etc.

  5. A way of showing your van’s location to others. Send a drone up first thing Saturday when everyone has arrived. Take a photo of the whole site and publish it on social media. Everyone can save the photo, edit it to show where their van is, and repost. A few people were doing this on the Sunday, but if it were curated by Camp Quirky themselves and done early on in the festival I think it would be a big help to people wanting to find specific vans!

We cannot wait to go back next year, with a year of travel under our belts and better stories to tell around the campfire. Thanks Camp Quirky, we love you!

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