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All you need to know about vanlife with cats and dogs!

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A quick introduction:

We are Those Weirdos - Dom, Missy and Rosie (10). We live on our van "The Sub" with two cats and two dogs. We've been travelling around Europe for three months.

Hogie (Bogie) is the big ginger three-legged thirteen year old dog. Juan is the little black and tan five year old former Spanish stray. Morph is the big black cat, nearly nine, enjoys the outdoors and Leo is the pretty tabby, only one year old and a total homebody.

This blog is all about what vanlife looks like with four animals on board, and how we make it work.

Harnesses and leads

Each of the animals has a harness that they wear most of the time. This means that they can quickly be clipped on to a lead, seat belt or carabiner clip point in the van.

The dogs have chunky ones with a handle on. It's useful for restraining Juan when he gets a bit too excited, and is how we lift Bogie in and out of the Sub (three-legged old boys can't jump in).

The cats have thin strapped ones that clip around the throat and chest. We tried bigger fabric ones, but they impeded the movement of their shoulders so the cats weren't keen.

We have strong points to clip them to around the van. One under the fridge that we use most, it's ideal for the dogs when the sliding door is open. They are clipped to it with their extendable leads so we can vary the length that they can roam on depending on whether we are sitting outside with them or are inside cooking.

We have another on the side of the passenger seat that can be used while we drive to clip seat belts to, and another by Rosie's bed that tends to be used for the cats.

All the animals sleep free, but when we are up in the morning and are ready to open the sliding door we locate the cats and clip them on to long leads. They tend to stay sleeping on the beds anyway, but we have peace of mind in case one of them decides to make a run for the big outdoors!

We have a net just inside the door on the side of the kitchen that we keep the soft leads, cat toys and poo bags in - easy to grab from in or outside.


When we are driving both dogs usually sleep in the back on the floor by the sliding door. They are clipped on to leads that go from their harness to the under kitchen ring.

Sometimes one of them will sit on a seat, and then we use a proper seat belt.

Both cats travel in the front, also both clipped on, their leads go through a carabiner attached to the headrest so they have room to turn around and move about a bit.

Morph gets very grumpy if Leo touches him, so we have developed our own places - Missy sits in the left seat with a rolled up blanket stuffed down the gap between the seat and the door. Leo sits on the blanket, he loves to look out of the window and Missy holds up a fan to shade him if he's in direct sunlight.

Morph takes up the ENTIRE right seat, spreading out and reclining up the backrest. They usually sleep for most of the journey, but if we stop for any reason, they both like to sit on the driver's seat. We can't fathom out why... Cats!


Dom built a special box that is fitted in the sliding door's footwell. It houses dog toys and has a removable lid that is made of 2 planks of wood that are hinged together.

We flip the top open to cover the whole footwell when we drive and at bedtime so Bogie doesn't fall down the hole! It flips back on itself in the day so we can easily step in and out of the van.

Bogie sleeps here on a blanket on top of puppy pads that we tape down. He became incontinent at night (occasionally) during our last few months in our house. It became an every night issue after about a month of vanlife. So now we put a couple of nappies on him each night before bed, and the pads on the floor catch the occasional leak.

(He's been seen by a vet, it's likely dementia, but he's really happy and enjoying his retirement so nappies it is!)

Juan sleeps on the end of Rosie's bed, something he's done for years and really works in the van - one less thing to step over in the morning!

Food and water

We use collapsible dinner bowls, the cats eat their wet food in them each evening - always before the dogs because the cats often leave a few chunks. The dogs get their dinner on top of the cats leftovers and usually clean it all up. Less washing up is a bonus!

The cats have dry food available whenever we're parked and are not planning to move again that day - they get travel sick if they've eaten. We serve the biscuits in a resealable pot so none get wasted, we can close it up in the morning to drive and open it up again when we park.

All the animals share a water bowl, we have one that is designed to prevent spills, either while driving or big slurpy dog tongues!

In this picture you can see 1) the puppy pads taped down 2) the leakproof water bowl 3) the leads clipped on under the fridge 4) the blue collapsible dinner bowls 5) the net full of poo bags and leads on the side of the fridge 6) the yellow cat biscuit boxes and 7) the catflap of the litter box!

The Cats

During the first week of travelling we sprayed Feliway all over the cab several times a day, and around the van too. Its a synthetic copy of the pheromone that cats leave when they are happy by rubbing on you or their environment. It really seemed to help and we would recommend it for cats new to vanlife.

Our two hated car travel, we think because they associated it with either vet visits or cattery prison sentences. During the 6 months of the van build we took them out for short drives in the car. We started with one minute, then three, then five and so on. They did gradually yowl less and seem to be putting up with it.

The day before we set off in the van, we did a 20 minute trial run and both cats were sick, Morph frothed at the mouth, they yowled... We were very apprehensive but it turned out to be fine!

They took a week to stop showing signs of stress (panting and refusing food) then another week to settle into a routine and find their way around their new home.

Now they have been travelling for over three months and they seem to really enjoy it.

Morph asks to go outside for walks at each new stop. He likes to do his toilette outside if possible, and he enjoys just lying down by the door if it's a peaceful spot. He sleeps on our bed at night, either curled up between us for warmth or sprawled on a pillow under the vent for cool air, and he comes for a morning cuddle every single day!

Leo likes to sleep in Juan's fluffy bed on the front seat, and sometimes in with Rosie. He's not keen on going outside, but loves to play so we have a laser pointer and lots of cat toys to keep him entertained. We were initially worried that he might get bored, but he loves to peer out of the window or the open door, and he seems to be a very happy cat.

Litter Tray

We have a cat litter box built in to our cupboards. It has a removable front with a cat flap - the idea was to keep smells contained until it gets cleaned! Both cats use it, although Leo recently requested a second box for night time use in the cab. Anything to keep them happy, he has a temporary roasting tray until we find a proper one!

Heating and cooling

We never ever leave our van unattended so there is always someone with the animals to keep an eye on the temperature and their comfort.

For hot countries we have window shades and a Maxxfan to keep it cool inside, we also have a large coolmat that Bogie likes to lie on.

The cats tend to retire to Rosie's bed if it's very hot out, it stays very dark and cool in there.

We also have a heater for chilly weather (like in Yorkshire and Wales in August this year).

Life definitely isn't as peaceful as it would be without all the animals, but they are all enjoying it and give us so much love and entertainment, we wouldn't want to be without them on our epic travels!

Juan at Lac du Salagou, France


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