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Day 4 - Doms Travel Diary

I Was up early for work nomad style took dogs for a 7am walk through Boar Wood outside of Rouen.

Worked leisurely, Missy drank coffees (many) Phoenix and Rosie did painting in the woods.

We left at midday with a view to head towards Bordeux and we got just over a third of the way. Stopped for some overly expensive frites 14Euro!! At a truck stop off the Le Man's motorway interesting urinals where all the truckers can see you pee, nice! Needless to say I passed on the public display.

Now we are at Park up number 3, an other gem off Park4night right by the river.

Hogie had a fantastic time paddling.

Morph had a leisurely perusal of the surroundings, he's really enjoying his new life.

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