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Day 8 - Stuck in a Ditch!

We decided after a family 'meeting' rather than look at northern Spain to just motor on through Spain so we can take a more relaxed and longer time in Portugal.

So after leaving the castle park up we headed down the middle towards Valencia. We found a great looking stop on Park4night with good reviews, on the track there there was a tree ove the lane so we went over to the side onto gravel to try and pass said obstacle to find it was gravle over a soft swamp, fine in a car but not in a 4 tonne submarine....OOOOPPPS

The right side of the sub sank and it lent scarily over to the drivers side with both side wheels in deep.

Several lovely spanish chaps tried to dig us out, place cadboard under the wheels but we just sank in further. Well and truly STUCK!

By now albeit remote the word had spread and about 10 had gthaered to all offer loud verbal advice, my pidgeon Sanish struggled.

One of the lovely chaps phoned a friend and an hour later he duly arrived with a BIG tractor to tow us out, even with this it wasnt easy and the first tow line snapped! BUT woohoo we were freed and thank fully no damge to the sub.

We turned a corner past a medieval mud fort and pulled in right next to a waterfall. Guinness and wine followed to ease the earlier stress and Phoenix cooked again which was lovley, and breathe!

A week in we've also put in some miles!

GPS map from our departure on Sunday 14th to Sunady in Valencia:

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