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Doms Vanlife Travel Diary - Day 5

So it's day 5 of our new life and our adventure. Hard to believe 4 people and 4 pets are on such a life changing journey. So it's day 5 and our 4th night wild camping. We started the morning leaving the Riverside location and headed off to this quaint village shop for some bread.

From there at mainly Rosie's request we broke the back of our drive with a 5 hour stint with the view to get to Spain and then slow down.

AND what a find for night for Tonight's stay over, again it's just us with an amazing panoramic view of the Cognac vineyards.

To the left of The Sub two beautiful abandoned. Mills.

Can't belive how lucky we are, loving the Vanlife so far! Tomorrow we're 3 hours from Spain and cannot wait. Will be passing close to where I lived as child near Bilbao. Now I must go to make our beds ready for the night....

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