• Dominic Van

I DO Fit in Juan's bed Honest - Bogie Van dog traveller. 

Sometimes as, a vanlifer you just have to adapt, to make the best of what's on offer, sometimes it can be hard but if you adapt there's always a solution!

Bogie is elderly he's a happy chap, with 3 legs he's always just got on with it. Ultimately his primary goals are can I play with my ball and is it comfortable and, are there MORE biscuits please.

Occasionally in Old age he wets himself so having 'spoiled' his bed he's turfed Juan out of his and is making do....

Bogie is loving life as a van dog traveler.

Thanks for reading!

So we’d been watching van life and van conversion videos night and day around our work. Talking non stop about ideas’ pros and cons and working our ways through to V DAY.


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