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Packing Your Old Life

Making what's a radical choice or transition from a relatively perceived 'normal' person to a nomad or Vanlifer is easy AND yet also very hard!

So you make the decision as that perculated it gets very exciting, a new life traveling exploring you'll be free. You finished your van build what's not to like? In a word packing. Then with the boxing up of the old life comes fear.... Questioning the decision... What ifs!??

As I write its May 26th, we set off June 17th. The house looks like a tornados swept through and my brain is ravaged with a million thoughts...... Not enough time repeats.

So whilst I'd like to write an indepth eloquent post on packing I really should just pack.

So in very short summary:

Pack away the old.

Bin the unnecessary.

Cherish the memories.

SPRING CLEAN for a new life. You only live once, so get rid of the stuff and get ready for the experience.

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