• Dominic Van

Packing Your Old Life

Making what's a radical choice or transition from a relatively perceived 'normal' person to a nomad or Vanlifer is easy AND yet also very hard!

So you make the decision as that perculated it gets very exciting, a new life traveling exploring you'll be free. You finished your van build what's not to like? In a word packing. Then with the boxing up of the old life comes fear.... Questioning the decision... What ifs!??

As I write its May 26th, we set off June 17th. The house looks like a tornados swept through and my brain is ravaged with a million thoughts...... Not enough time repeats.

So whilst I'd like to write an indepth eloquent post on packing I really should just pack.

So in very short summary:

Pack away the old.

Bin the unnecessary.

Cherish the memories.

SPRING CLEAN for a new life. You only live once, so get rid of the stuff and get ready for the experience.

Thanks for reading!

So we’d been watching van life and van conversion videos night and day around our work. Talking non stop about ideas’ pros and cons and working our ways through to V DAY.


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