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Tiny Home Cookbook

I'm writing a cookbook!

It's a collection of all of the meals that we love to make in the van, which means they are perfect to cook in any tiny home. There are a lot of one pot meals, because we only have 2 burners and anything that minimises washing up (and saves water) is brilliant. I've included a lot of substitutions and variations because tiny homes often don't have much storage space, or they're on the move, or they're somewhere you can't get every ingredient... so my recipes are really flexible.

As well as One Pot Meals, there are also chapters on Snacks and Lunches, Tapas, Soup, Speedy Meals, Make an Effort Meals and recipes that use an Omnia stovetop oven and a Ridgemonkey.

The book is entirely plant based because that's how I cook - I've made lots of these meals for omnivores and had good reviews so you needn't be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the book. A lot of the recipes are naturally gluten free, and others can be adapted (using corn pasta for example). When the book is ready to release I'll give full details so you can be sure of what you're getting.

The book has 41 recipes so far, and every time I go to edit the layout I think of another to add!

The next step is to test each recipe from the book to make sure my instructions are correct and understandable, and I'll take photos of each dish as I test them.

Then I'll tweak the layout and styling, and get it up for sale as an ebook. If sales go well, I may even look into publishing as an actual 'book' book!

One pot Chilli

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