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Travel Diary - Days 15 to 19

We've not been blessed with the best weather pleasant often warm but for me, at least wanted some real heat to start our adventures. It was, more often than not breezy by the beaches. We haven't quite settled to a routine. Feels like we're often driving for a park up, seeking water or chasing that elusive sun.

WE decided to go to the Roman walled town of Obidos to break the cycle and then seek a 3 day park up.

And Obidos was stunning, cobbled streets, love shops. Walled gardens and a beautiful view from the castle.

We headed from there to Quarteira and found a busy but stunning park up., under the pines but right on the beach.

Probably around 50 other Vanlifers around us but spacious and friendly. We met the Chris and Laura, Chris had been on the road for 28 years so had a few stories to tell. We relaxed and, stayed 2 nights/3 days. Amazingly we even found a Vegan restaurant (ftw) a 5 min walk away.

A short drive later and we are just into Spain at an average campsite but in need of a hot shower......

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