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Vanlife Day 13 and 14 - Portugal Further South

Found a lovely beach park up. 2 mins from another epic beach parked under the pines. Free water, waste toilets and no one else in sight, lovely. Went boarding sea chilly weather fair with Portugal missing the current European heat wave.

We were aiming to spend a few days here but was chilly in the AM so headed further south. Stopped at Nazaré on the way, warm and very busy. Lots of tourist tat but Rosie enjoyed some shopping, Phoenix and I ate a huge Ice Creams!

Now parked up near Almagreira and yet another stunning remote beach location.

Here's our route so far in our first 2 weeks, not far from Lisbon now. Hoping to finally hit some real heat further down south.

Thanks for reading!

So we’d been watching van life and van conversion videos night and day around our work. Talking non stop about ideas’ pros and cons and working our ways through to V DAY.


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