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Vanlife Diary - Days 20 to 22

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

MUCH warmer now low 30's and being British a few mutterings of it's too hot..... But off to beautiful Sevile. As we don't like leaving The Sub particularly with our 4 furries on board we go in shifts. First off myself Rosie and Phoenix, it's a 15 min walk away to the architecture and well worth it.

Phoenix and I were most excited to see Queen Amidalas Palace used in the Star Wars prequels...... Rosie wonders at the fairytale horse and carriage ride. So we decide despite the 45E cost be worth seeing some of the city in such style, much to Rosie's delight.

It's a beautiful city, at least in the old town, flamenco buskers in the squares, wonderful architecture and wll worth a visit. We easily parked the Sub on the outskirts, so dont be fearful of visiting in a Moho or camper.

In the evening we headed towards Juerez as we wanted to go to the Sunday morning Flea market so we head inland to a lovely park up on the outskirts of a small farming town, all to oursleves with a wonderful sunset.

The market however was a fail with only 2 stalls, Rosie was NOT impressed!

So we head back to the cost to a carpark park up, notoverly romantic, but right next to a wonderful beach with a few hippy bars playing trance and some wonederful ruins nearby to explore.

The next morning was exciting as we head to the laundrete, we spend several hours there, not actaully exciting but having clean clothes was lovely!

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