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Vanlife Travel Diary - Europe the Final Chapter. 

I've been slack at updating our travels due to really too much fun in the sun. So we begin this final leg of our first European chapter on Tues 16th of July and reach London early on Thurs 25th of July.

What an adventure the last week was to. From epic bunkers at the top of the Pyrenees to lakeside wild camps.

A lovely inland wild camp by an abandoned church in the hills of southern Spain.

From here we headed further inland and across up into the Pyrenees. The free roads, as we stay away from tolls were fabulous mainly dual carriage ways and no problems for The Sub. We chose a park up in the mountains on the way in a, small village by a lake.

From here we head to a fabulous stop to explore Franco's Bunkers built at the end of the second world War.

Phoenix and I walked 6km up the mountain and explored many of the perfectly preserved postwar bunkers. Was probably one of our favourite explorers we passes many waterfalls and the mountain air was glorious.

We continue to cross the border and get a random stop and check by the Spanish Guardia pleasant smiling but somewhat intimidating with their rather large guns. A, quick look around the van, a, seat belt check and we're good to go.

We make another fabulous stop at the troglodytes village on the edge of the French Pyrenees and well worth a visit.

From here we drive for several hours.....

With my cat friends Leo and Morph enjoying the journey after a hard day sleeping!

We head to another very nice wooded park up by a river on our way yo see the Atlantic Wall Bunkers (yes more bunkers, can you tell we like them!).

We go into the museum bunker first then trek over a few fields to find another of the same bunkers thats been reclaimed by nature and had some great graffiti, Missy and I headed into the depths for an urban explore....

And afterwards we made our way to a lovely farm for our final night before heading back to England. We are all sad as its the last night with Phoenix.

And so it ends...the first 6 weeks of our van life. Did we enjoy it? Overall a resounding yes, with some adjustments to our mindsets, so additional adjustments to the Sub..... I will write a separate entry with more detail of some of the things we learnt, advice or things we learnt or discovered, sometimes the hard way and some, problems we encountered and so on....

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