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Vanlife Travel Diary - Week 4, Heat Sand and Ruins

After the excitement of the laundrette weve been so busy the ol' diary has taken a back seat so playing catchup..... so we head into our 4th week, days 23 to 30 and now Monday 15th of July with 10 days before we head back to the UK, for a different less hot adventure.

The previous complaints of not enough sun have been replace with blimey its hot, averaging 30 to 35 degrees most of the daytimes with up to 40 plus in some places!

Mon 8th July we headed up into the mountains on a hair bending nerve racking but equally wondrous drive to find the ruins of Bobastro. With fabulous mountain views, and well worth the drive. The roads are good albeit bendy and fine for our LWB Sprinter.

On the drive up we passed a beautiful natural lake, one side the north is full of tourists and parking is full everywhere so we drove round tried a few impassible park ups before we found an idyllic stop, spending a fabulous night.

We swam in the lake, a bit muddy but warm and Phoenix went out on a kayak, Rosie and I chose a pedalo which were on hire a few minutes walk away. Bogie and Juan also had a little swim.

The south side is not busy we were only 1 of 2 people wild camping and only saw a handful of people in the day we spent there.

Wonderful wildlife including terrapins in the lake, very cute and Rosie was over the moon to get one walking on her hand.

We then put in some mileage heading further south round the coast on a quest to find the crumbling sets from many a spaghetti western. This is recommended but equally a disappointment. The abandoned and crumbling sets are either gone and or lost in time OR now on private property, so we settled with a visit to Mini Holywood, used in 100s of films from Lawrence of Arabia to all 3 films from the Clint Eastwood Dollars Trilogy.

The sets are recognizable which is wonderful but its really a theme park, fun but tacky, not busy as we are still just off peak and also expensive. BUT if you like Spaghetti Westerns a must. Tabernas and its desert was HOT mid 40's in the morning so liberal sun cream applications are an absolute MUST!

We Spent 2 nights on the beach at Cabo De Gata, calm beach, peaceful stay despite being surrounded by campers. DONT eat at the beach bar 84E for poor service and an very average Paella for 4.

Next after appearing to have 'cracked' mountain drives we decided to go up into the heights again to visit the giant 1930's gun emplacements Battery Castillitos. The road is worse than the previous no barriers just piles of rocks and concrete blocks, bumpy in places and has very sharp turns, fun but filling of the pants (and knickers)! Again well worth it as despite the Franco built base being unmaintained its generally in remarkable condition and despite its past the architecture has a much older and in places almost Disney like feel to it.

Its a fair bit of walking 2kn each way in 35 degree heat so i lost a few pounds!

On our last day this week on Sunday we head on a quest to a Vegan Italian Restaurant Guisto in Torrevieja, sadly its my turn to stay in the van so the others head off for Pizza and I melt!

Luckily they return with a most wonderful chocolate cake.....which I save and eat on the beach later in the day. Get to do our first proper snorkelling, finally we start to settle into a bit of a routine, let the adventures continue!

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